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Whether you're just picking up the fiddle for the first time ever or you've been playing for years, I want 

Bow and Arrow to be a resource for inspiring content that helps you play what you want to hear!

My name is Nicolette and I am the founder of 

Bow and Arrow Lessons. I've been a teacher of private lessons for over a decade and have a background in American folk fiddle genres and classical violin technique.

Hey There!

I love being a teacher and I want to bring the best possible instructional content to my followers, regardless of their age or skill level. My students have ranged from age 4 to 70+, from their first ever lesson, to studying music in college and performing with orchestras and bands. The most important thing to me is that I share a JOY for learning and provide endless encouragement to those who wish to make the violin an outlet for their artistic expression. 

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